We do our best to make admissions fast and easy, while still maintaining professional standards and client safety. 

Getting Started
When you call or email we will ask some general questions about your situation, such as whether your call is for you or your loved one, and what the general history of addiction has been. We will ask where you are and what your availability for program attendance is, and explain our program to you in as much detail as you would like. The clinical director is available to answer any questions about addiction and/or our program. All correspondence with Solid Ground is confidential. At the end of the phone call you will have a good idea if Solid Ground is a good fit for you or your loved one, and if not what a better option might be.

1) Individualized Assessment
Within several hours of your first phone call, or at a specified time, you will be contacted by one of our counsellors to complete a more detailed assessment. This assessment will help us better understand your history and substance use. If you would prefer to fill out an assessment on your own we can also arrange to email you our forms, though they are quite detailed and it is usually helpful to have a counsellor to help with this process.

 2) Financial Arrangements
A 20% deposit is required within 5 days of your arrival at Solid Ground. We accept payment by credit card or electronic transfer. Full payment is due prior to arrival.

 3) Travel Arrangements
Our dedicated travel staff will help you with your travel arrangements. We offer private pickup and drop off at Vancouver International Airport.

 4) Admission Requirements
To attend the Solid Ground residential treatment program, clients must be physically and mentally able and willing to abide by the rules of the program, and to participate in all required daily activities. We can work with many physical and mental disabilities—if you have concerns contact our staff for assistance.



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