B.C. Mental Health and Addictions Minister Addresses Opioid Overdose Crisis


It’s a step in the right direction that government is acknowledging the need for increased access to treatment programs and facilities. #opioidcrisis Organizations like Together We Can and treatment centres like Solid Ground are already full steam ahead with all hands on deck.

Quote from minister:
“When someone has overdosed and they’re open and willing to consider treatment, (we need to) be willing to move quickly.”
--Judy Darcy, Minister for B.C. Mental Health and Addictions

According to Darcy, the province is working to make treatment “on demand” widely available. People with addictions need to be connected to treatment as soon as possible, she said, but in the event that someone arrives in the emergency room after an overdose, she wants every hospital to have the resources to connect that person to a treatment program immediately.

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