Floating For Recovery

float-house-vancouver-floatation-spa-tank-adam-floating (1).jpg

At Solid Ground we have found mindfulness meditation to be one of the most valuable skills men in recovery can practice. It reduces stress, increases creativity, helps treat depression, and improves overall health.  The sensory-deprivation practice of “Floating” is pretty much super mindfulness—meditating in a dark, silent environment where you are weightless, suspended in a shallow tank of body-temperature saline water. With this in mind, the Solid Ground crew is heading to the Float House to see what kinds of benefits floating can bring. Our mission for the guys is simple: practice all the meditation skills we learn each day in this ultimate meditation environment. Our clients will be floating for up to an hour (they can stop anytime just by opening the door) while they practice a specific assigned meditation, and everyone will share their experiences after. We will do repeat sessions the week after. Results to follow!

Photo Credit: Floathouse Vancouver