Stacy Wilson

Stacy Wilson
— Executive Director

An integral part of our sister society Together We Can since 2007, Stacy accumulated over 20 years of business management experience before joining as the TWC Intake Coordinator and Director of Marketing. Due to his hard work, vision, and dedication he was promoted to Executive Directot in 2015. Stacy attended the University of British Columbia and Vancouver Community College where he studied addiction counselling. Stacy has made it his life’s work to ensure that all who struggle with addiction hear the message of hope and freedom required for lasting change.


Caleb Shearer
— Program Director

Caleb is the creator and Program Director of the Solid Ground Addiction Recovery program. He earned his Master’s degree from the University of Victoria, and has worked with the Ministry of Child and Family Development, the Portland Hotel Society, and Vancouver Coastal Health, focusing on how to practically leverage the established link between trauma and addiction into non punitive recovery programs and policies. Caleb believes in a trauma informed approach to healing that includes many different pathways to recovery.



Steve Bull
— Intake Services Manager

Steve is passionate about helping men struggling with addiction issues find the help and support they need at Solid Ground. With plenty of experience facilitating successful intakes into our Residential Treatment Program, Steve acts as an initial contact for men, families and union representatives seeking addictions treatment services offered at Solid Ground.



Courtney Nichols
— Clinical Supervisor
& Art Therapist

Courtney Nichols obtained a Master’s degree in Art Therapy in 2003 and is a Registered Clinical Counsellor in B.C. She is also Certified Cognitive Behavioural Therapist for anxiety disorders with additional specialty training and experience working in the areas of depression, PTSD, OCD & psychosis. Often suppressed memories can play an integral role in addiction and identifying this through therapy can help unlock traumatic memories to aid in recovery.

Marc Dube
— Operations Manager

Marc has been involved in recovery and the recovery community since 2005.   Operations Manager of the Solid Ground program, Marc is responsible for program planning, managing the counselling and support staff, and overseeing the care of first stage clients. Marc is highly involved in personalized client care. He is often the focal point in bridging communication between clients and their families. 



Mashiah Vaughn
— Clinical Counsellor

Masiah utilizes a unique skill set of counselling and coaching offers clients the opportunity to move forward once the past is dealt with, using mindfulness techniques.  I enjoy motivating and encouraging clients to overcome challenging obstacles, build financial security and set achievable goals. Assisting them to achieve a positive outlook and become happier socially as well as professionally. .


Max Parfitt
—  Client Coordinator

Maxwell Parfitt has been a dedicated staff member at Together We Can since 2015 and currently acts as one of our client coordinators. With the ability to engage clients on a personal level, Max makes it his mission each and every day to connect with as many of our residents as he can.




Mark Oliveira
— Kitchen Manager

Mark is a multi-skilled and an absolutely hard-working individual. With a background in Culinary Arts and a passion for cooking. As a Kitchen Manager, not only does he provide nourishment for the clients, he also helps and supports them whenever he can. His compassion and willingness to always lend an ear has helped many men in their journey to recovery. In light of this, in 2015, TWC found Mark to be more beneficial as an Intake Support Worker. By 2017, he became part of the ‘All My Relations Program’ team, which is an Indigenous Cultural Program. Mark has gained a lot of respect from the clients because in addition to his duties, he also embraced the Indigenous culture wholeheartedly.